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Points of contact for people 
with borderline disorder


Help me, 

to do it alone.

(Maria Montessori)

Links and phone numbers for Borderline: Crisis and Need

The following addresses will help you in an emergency, in a crisis and in general: Please make use of it if you are not feeling well!

Links About Borderline Personality Disorder:

Borderline platform

Borderline Network eV

Borderline info

The frontier walker

Flower meadow - website for borderline

Forum for borderline

Help and self-help for  Borderline


Skills shop

Comprehensive skills platform

Facebook: suicide prevention


Umbrella association DBT eV

Austrian Society for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT network Eastern and Central Switzerland


Skills and Emergency Kit: Please get help

On my page Skills for Borderline , DBT Skills to Buy and the Emergency Case for Crises you will find further aids that you can use. I also describe what helped me to live with borderline .  Please get help if you notice you are not doing well. You are so valuable - even if I don't know you, I know that. That you are here, that you are looking for help, shows me how brave you are and how much love you have in yourself.

All the best and lots of strength, Johanna

Telephone numbers for crises:

Please contact them there if you are not feeling well!

Are you in a crisis I turn if possible

  • to your doctor

  • a clinic or hospital with a psychiatric department

  • Offer of help or advice for acute crisis situations

Germany: crisis aid

0800 - 1110111 or 0800 - 1110222

  • Telephone for children and young people: (free of charge  Mon to Fri 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.): 0800 - 111 0 333  

  • Emergency number for the ambulance / ambulance: 112

  • Poison Control Center: 192 40

  • Victim emergency number: 01803/34 34 34

  • Emergency numbers for Germany

  • Ambulance service / emergency doctor: 112

  • Poison Control Center: 19240

  • Victim emergency number: 01803/343434

  • All contact points at a glance

Austria: crisis aid

  • Telephone counseling: (anonymous, free, around the clock): 142

  • Advice on the wire: 147

  • Immediate psychiatric help: (by phone, outpatient, mobile, around the clock):

  • 01 - 313 30

  • Rescue: 144  

  • Medical radio service: 141

  • in the event of poisoning: 406 43 43

  • Psychosocial emergency service: 310 87 80/310 87 79

  • Emergency number for raped women: 523 22 22

  • All crisis numbers at a glance

  • besthelp

Switzerland: crisis aid

  • Telephone counseling “Die Dargebotene Hand”: (anonymous, free, around the clock): 143

  • Anxiety and Panic Aid Switzerland (aphs): 0848 801 109 (max. CHF 0.08 / min. From landline, mobile tariffs according to provider),, hotline /

  • Emergency doctor information service: 1811  

  • Medical emergency number: 144

  • in case of poisoning speed dial: 145

  • All contact points at a glance

South Tyrol: crisis aid

  • The Green Number (Caritas):, 840 000 481 (free, anonymous, around the clock)

  • Telephone amico: 0471 288328

  • Youth phone: 0471 970950

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