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Living with Borderline

  • Do you sometimes feel that you are no longer in control of yourself and your life?

  • Your mood changes very quickly from deep hopelessness to exuberance and vice versa and you don't know why?

  • Relationships and the closeness they bring are both something you crave and something you find hellish?

  • Sometimes you would rather be dead, you display self-destructive behavior?


Then perhaps we have something in common.

You are not here by chance!

I have made this site for people like you and me.


I often sat crying, screaming, misunderstood, alone in my room. I felt so unreasonable in my instability, hurting others and screaming how much I hated them.


I wanted so much for someone to hold me and say: You're Okay. I also wanted love, security and a sense of being okay. But no one was there, no one understood.

"Crazy", "Psychopath", "We're not taking you with us", no one could deal with me, least of all me.

Das Bild zeigt einen Baum in einem düsteren Wald

You are a person who was probably hurt very early on, and now has to learn to take care of the deep wounds that have been inflicted. 

The pain you have suffered and are experiencing is unimaginable. I know you. The road ahead of you will take a lot of courage and strength: even if you don't feel it at the moment - you have a lot of it in you!


You are worth saving. People with Borderline Personality Disorder are often special and sensitive - and at the same time, very vulnerable. On this page I'd like to show you what has helped me and is helping me. I want to show you through my experiences how I've learned (and it's probably a lifelong process) to deal better with borderline. My most important finding: I am reasonable, I am lovable - just like you!

On the following pages I'll show you what the  Borderline personality disorder  is. I will also describe what has helped and helps me on my way. I blog regularly in  "Lessons Learned"  about my everyday life, my relationships and what I was able to learn from it.

Under the important "Self-help" section, I will first explain the DBT skills for borderline personality disorder to you, show you DBT skills to buy and refer to the Borderline emergency kit and contact points .

Learn & understand

The more we understand about borderline, the better we deal with it. I describe borderline symptoms and add my experience .

Get active

Try out what could help you - there are a few things. In the Borderline Skills emergency case you will learn to help yourself.

Practice in order to live

I learned and learned step by step, every day. Under What Helped Me I describe therapies for borderline and everything that helped me.

Hier sieht man Farne im Wind, der Fokus ist verschwommen

What is borderline



Hier sieht man eine Blattknospe

Self help


This is me

I am a woman with a borderline personality disorder. I'm tired of being stigmatised by scars or diagnoses. My - and your - path is a brave, powerful one and I have deep respect for it!

This website is my heart project for all of us sad, lonely, hopeless people. For all of us lovable, unique people who sometimes let our light shine on the forgotten parts of ourselves.


 Thanks - I am looking forward to it!

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