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Emergency Kit: Skills List for
all borderline emergencies

Krisenpass: Dokument, indem du genau einträgst, wie man mit dir in einer Krise umgehen soll 

Emergency Kit for Borderline Personality Disorder: Effective DBT Skills

DBT skills for borderline personality disorder help you to calm down or to stay calm, depending on the situation and tension. Since you can hardly or not clearly think in high voltage, an emergency kit helps. Put the skills that work for you together there - in an emergency you will immediately know what to use. The skills described are

On Skills for Borderline to buy there are tools that support you with the skills . I also recommend the following help from Andreas Knuf, an expert on borderlines.

I recommend that you practice the skills regularly and, above all, in peace . So you can always better fall back on it in high voltage. You will see the steps you can take thanks to these skills. I wish you a lot of strength and endurance .

Lots of love, Johanna

Achtsamkeit Skill
Umgang mit Gefühlen: 30 - 70 %

Practice mindfulness: 0-30% tension

These exercises will help you stay with yourself. Practice them regularly, because with them you can keep a tension low and at the same time notice when it increases.

What skills:

  1. Play the mikado and make sure nothing moves

  2. consciously count to 10 in the rhythm of your breath and start over and over again

  3. eat something and deliberately taste the flavors you are experiencing

  4. Observe thoughts and let them pass by consciously

  5. Bodyscan: consciously feel every part of the body

  6. get quiet and pay attention to the noises you hear


  1. describe uncomfortable feelings

  2. describe pleasant feelings

  3. make people aware that better times will come again

  4. be mindful of positive experiences

  5. recall beautiful experiences

  6. letting go of emotional suffering

Dealing with feelings: 30 - 70%

  1. Hero of the day: How would my hero of the day deal with the situation (can be a friend, teacher, etc.)

  2. opposite action - e.g. B: Fear instead of escaping the situation

  3. opposite thinking - e.g. B. Fear, imagine a safe place instead of panic

  4. opposite posture - e.g. B. Afraid to straighten up tall and strong

  5. Mitigate feeling by speaking - e.g. B. This exercise unsettles me

  6. Acceptance - e.g. B: "Shit happens" instead of further annoyance

  7. smile - z. B. triggers immediate relaxation in the body

  8. Take responsibility - e.g. B. I decide for myself whether I'm angry or have a good day

  9. Questioning thoughts - e.g. B. Is it true that nobody likes me?

  10. Write down feelings, what exactly is going on?

  11. talk about it with the person you trust

  12. physical movement

Stresstoleranz-Skills bei Anspannung: 70 % und mehr
Negative Gedanken stoppen

Stress tolerance skills for tension: 70% and more

These exercises will help you "come down" when you are in high tension. You no longer feel yourself in high tension, which is why these skills work with extreme stimuli . So you come to yourself very quickly.

  1. Eat chilli shots or chilli candies

  2. Put the effervescent tablets in your mouth

  3. take an ice cold shower

  4. Chewing gum with an intense mint flavor

  5. Roll the hedgehog ball on the skin

  6. Put the coolback on the skin

  7. scream out loud

  8. Rub the whole body with dry brushes

  9. Radical acceptance: I'm very tense right now and that's okay - accept instead of fighting

  10. List fruits from A to Z to distract thoughts

  11. Go running fast

  12. Boxing Punching Ball

Stop negative thoughts

  1. call a friend

  2. accept what comes and let it go by

  3. meditate and focus on breathing  

  4. out into nature

  5. work out, e.g. B. with strength training

  6. clean up

  7. to learn something new

  8. Listen to music loudly and dance to it

  9. say to yourself: I am right as I am. I accept myself for who I am

  10. Write down thoughts

  11. paint a picture of the feeling / situation

  12. take a power nap (high negativity sometimes arises when we are overtired)

Umgang mit Aggression
Den Körper wieder spüren

Dealing with aggression

  1. Hit a cushion / punch ball

  2. Weight training up to intense sweating

  3. Tear newsprint

  4. chop wood

  5. Throw ball against wall

  6. scream out loud (possibly in pillow)

  7. take an ice cold shower

  8. Roll the hedgehog ball tightly over the skin

  9. dancing wildly

  10. Sing along to loud music

  11. Build dreams out of Lego and knock them over

  12. help up and down


The following exercises will help you distract yourself :

  1. Breathing exercise (inhale count to 4, count down to 8, short pause, again)

  2. read a book

  3. clean up

  4. Watch favorite movie

  5. watering flowers

  6. Walking barefoot in the forest

  7. Boxing

  8. Strolling

  9. doing sporting activity (e.g. jogging, climbing)

  10. go to a nice coffee

  11. be creative (e.g. paint a picture, make pottery)

  12. sing, dance, listen to music

Feel the body again

The following exercises will help you to feel yourself quickly if you notice that you are losing yourself (in your thoughts) or are beginning to dissociate.  

  1. walk on gravel

  2. Eat chilli, fizzy candies or garlic

  3. take a cold shower

  4. Massage in Japanese healing oil or tiger balm or drip it onto the tongue

  5. Pour cold water over the head

  6. Make a plucking massage

  7. Roll over the skin with a hedgehog ball or stress ring

  8. leigen on acupressure mat

  9. smell essential oils

  10. Do foot massage

  11. intense strength training

  12. physical activity, e.g. B. go running

Find out for yourself what works best and put it in your personal emergency case!

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