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Poems and quotes by
Affected by borderline


The black sheep is not different, but the white sheep are all the same.

Poems about borderline


If it was all over, it would be all over.  

He would fall silent  

my silent scream.

No fear, no hope,

no more fighting


Only strive for rest

after grasping the light.

No more words to find

where words are not  

no pleading for love

not a whispering child.

Just float in warmth

just be in silence

no body,

no pain,

the world becomes very small. But I am not able  

I won't let go

must continue to live

pass the exam.

I have no strength

feel quiet and empty

burned and battered,


... don't want to anymore.

Natascha Müller


Frontier walkers shy away from humanity
because most of them don't understand.
So they build stone walls
which no one breaks through in its entirety.


They often seem fearless
but fear determines their life.
To show yourself to no one
is a striving for them.


That's why they see through masks
nobody can hide.
And it becomes threatening
Leave behind broken pieces.


Many people hate your being,
but some do not avoid them.
Shine as bright as the sun
But border walkers shy away from the light.


If you get close to them,
then they want to flee.
Because love and closeness
is one of their addictions.


If a border hunter succeeds
To reach heart
This is what the result seems
to be like flying.


The partner is unique
Meaning of life now alone,
everything else seems
To be insignificant and fleeting.


You suddenly feel as a whole
You will find love and happiness.
but they threaten to get lost in it,
and only pain brings them back


But are you always looking for pain
as the only content alone,
Will you stay restless for ever
forever be a frontier walker.


Grenzwandler, July 2014


Darkness is deep inside of me
Silence broken by noises.
Only the night sees my tears
only the silence hears my crying.


Too many dreams
too many tears

Tears that help dreams
Screams that set the heart free.
But only for a short time.
Thoughts carried to the grave
in a sea full of unresolved questions.


Too many tears
too many dreams


Meaning of life?
Hear my crying
Give me rest in the night
Let me live my dreams
People walk by my side
stand next to, above me.
Nobody who goes with me on the way.


Too many dreams Too many tears Why?




Want to travel.

But without a body.

Just my mind

my soul,

both free.

It hurts,

so hurt

in one -  

my -  

Body to dwell.

Claustrophobia every day,

Mobile prison,

penned heart.

This longing ...

so enormous ...

the matter ...

so hard.

Too heavy.

I want to flee.


Leave the shell behind.

Pure being,




- Natascha Müller

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