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Newsletter June 2023

How was your day? I hope the coffee was strong and your spirits were relaxed.

I am delighted to present to you some projects in this newsletter that fill me with joy and pride. I have created:

Together with Andreas Knuf and Larissa Henschel from Mindemy, an online platform for psychosocial professions, I am excited to introduce my course, enriched by my personal experiences. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding what self-destructive behavior is and how complex it can be.

  2. Recognizing how habits form, identifying when they are self-destructive, and learning how to change them.

  3. Identifying triggers and dealing with them constructively.

  4. Recognizing the tipping point - the moment when we can still decide our actions.

  5. Cultivating healthy behaviors and acknowledging stumbling blocks as part of the process.

Use the code LAENGLE40 to get a further discount on the self-help course!

Two New Books: Boundary Crossing and Body

I am excited to present two more parts of my book series, now featuring a beautiful new design to clearly distinguish them from children's books:

The violation of physical boundaries against a person's will can trigger various reactions: a profound erosion of trust, a sense of powerlessness, and a multitude of other emotional responses.

In this book, I describe in a very mindful manner how boundary crossing affects individuals on an emotional level and what they have to cope with. The foreword is written by a truly remarkable woman, Kerstin Kaiser from carpetuum, who has been a powerful and inspiring companion on my journey.


This little book serves as a loving and supportive read for anyone who wants to confront and positively transform their own negative body image, self-doubts, or low self-esteem.

It inspires accepting oneself and cultivating self-love, which ultimately can lead to a more fulfilling and happier life.

These two books complement the existing series, featuring a new layout, and will soon be available in English as well!

Podcast Interview: How Has Borderline Made You Stronger?

The title gives it away, so here's the link to the interview with Karl Selina from the Psychosocial Service in Lower Austria. The podcast, in general, is called "Paths to Mental Health": My Podcast Interview

Thank you and have a joyful summer!

Thank you for sharing and forwarding if you know people who could benefit from my content. Thank you for reading, listening, and recommending, if you do so :)

If you are interested in collaborations, projects, workshops (including those involving my mother for family support work), please feel free to email me at!

With that, I say goodbye for the summer break and wish you a relaxing summer!

Best regards and all the best in the meantime,



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